PairBurst Memory was developed by Craig Kapp and Nisma Zaman during a class, taught by Dan O’Sullivan and Marianne Petit, at New York University’s Interactive Telecommunications Program.  The game was created for use by inpatient children at NYU’s Rusk Institute of Rehabilitation Medicine. During a mid-semester user-testing session at RUSK, Craig and Nisma brought two fiducial markers, each linked to an animated character, and observed the children’s fascination with making the characters appear and disappear by uncovering or covering the markers.  This action sparked the idea for a memory matching game to test and help to improve children’s visual memory skills and hand-eye coordination.

For PairBurst, Nisma came up with the game concept, designed and animated the characters in Flash, designed the fiducial markers, made the game board, and designed the website.  Craig developed the game logic and expertly programmed it all in Flash ActionScript.   Craig and Nisma are continuing to work with RUSK through ITP to enhance PairBurst Memory and develop new games.