The Game

Click here to play PairBurst Memory

PairBurst Memory is an augmented-reality memory matching game currently featuring four pairs of animated farm animals (a sheep, a ram, a collie, and a llama) that the player has to find and match. Please see the Game Set-Up page for details on what you need to play the game and how to set it up with the webcam.

Remove the center tile before playing the game, so that the webcam can see the center marker and orient all the other markers in relation to it.  Also make sure that the entire board is visible in the screen.  Uncover only two squares at a time — if you uncover more than two squares, an “X” will appear on the squares.  Every time a match is found, the pair of animals will jump off their squares and land in their designated spot (seen as silhouettes) in the center square, and the squares they jump out of will change to green check-marks.  You will also hear “you found the [animal]!” and see that message at the bottom of the frame. When all four pairs have been found, they will jump together out of the center square and start a dance party with confetti and a celebratory song.

To reset the game, replace the tiles over the squares on the perimeter of the board but leave the center square uncovered.  Then spin the board.  The animals will automatically re-shuffle their places.